Dennis Trudeau is available as a speaker for your event. Dennis’s topics include: life inside the media; Canadian and Quebec politics; and Canada’s place in the world.

Dennis is also available as a motivational speaker for your group or event.

His wide experience in the media and his broad coverage of current events give him a unique perspective on public affairs and the changing media universe.

As a fluently bilingual Montrealer, Trudeau has a unique understanding of the linguistic and cultural duality of the country and a knack for describing each side of the duality to the other.

Over the course of 35 years covering the world, Canada, Quebec and Montreal, Trudeau has garnered a deep knowledge of the country and an inside view of the Canadian media.

As an interviewer, throughout his career and on Sunday Night with Dennis Trudeau--his own CBC Television program-Trudeau has interviewed statesmen and philosophers, famous writers and filmmakers, heroes and scoundrels, adventurers and athletes.

His contacts with them give him a unique perspective on the shape of the world and the shaping of that world by the individuals who fascinate us.

Trudeau’s wide experience in the media has also given him a special understanding of the media universe where so many outlets compete for attention in the wired world.

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